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Sonic Dogness is a multisensory art installation celebrating a special place in which we can honor our relationship with Humanity's Best Friend. 

Invited by Debra Pughe and Jon Winet, directors of the Alternating Currents - Albany Bulb Event Series, to create an installation for the uniquely situated Albany Bulb in the Bay Area, we spent time at the site to see what made the Bulb so special. 


From the moment we stepped foot onto the parking lot, we could not help but notice the DOGNESS of Albany Bulb! There is something about the energy and happiness of the dogs, and their caretakers that feels so free and joyful. More playful and giddy than other dog friendly parks we've seen. The shape and quality of the Bulb is unique--it's as if it’s its own land...almost like the movie, The Isle of Dogs.

This installation was designed to provide a place for animal lovers to acknowledge the deep relationship we share with our loving fur companions.


Building upon this free and joyful energy, this project has three elements to it: a physical shrine, a sonic compilation, and an opening participatory event:

  1. Physical "Shrine" with three zones

    • ​Gratitude Chapel (defined by the yellow ropes.) 

      • Here you can find a little credenza with a notebook and pens in the drawer to share gratitude memories of your beloved fur-friends, whether with us or over the Rainbow Bridge. Really, it doesn't have to be a dog--just a non-human that you love and want to share.

    • ​Sonic Memories Instrument

      • Designed in combination with Olivia's "Sonic Dogscape", this is a place where more soundscapes can be created. 

    • ​Love Letters Welcome Well. 

      • A place to attach love and gratitude notes to share and send to the wind & elements. 

  2. Sonic Dogscape composed by Olivia. A symphony of dogness in five movements. 

  3. Opening Event on Sunday, July 17th, 2022 at 5PM. For more information, see Event Info below.



Annette Jannotta / Olivia Ting

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