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There are up to four ways you can participate--do one or all!
portrait to stencil.jpg

Send image & bio to be shared on FURFILES

Your pup's image may be selected for a handful of stencil portraits we are creating for the installation!


Donate an object for the installation


Offer a sound-making dog toy and/or objects of canine carnage (chewed up shoes, homework, etc.) to impart for installation. Bring to the EVENT or pre-offer by contacting us.


Gratitude note to your dog

We will have a place of meaning where you can leave your letter of gratitude at the tree for love and good energy.



Bring your pup to the opening event, July 17, 2022 @ 5PM!! 


There will be sounds and howlathon activities, so make sure your fur-pal can handle unexpected noises okay. Click on image to the left to learn more.


Learn more about dogs, sound and the project

We created a youtube channel to share interviews and process videos of the project. 

Sonic Dogness Youtube Channel

In prep for the event, we interviewed Dr. Ian Dunbar of Dunbar Academy. We learned A LOT about dogs & sound! You can learn loads more at Dunbar Academy.


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